Green Mission 手機替匙咭

Aim to minimise wastage by replacing decades old key card and passcode our customer.    Your mobile help to save physical key manufacturing and physical key handling for door, locker and mailbox in commercial sector.  

Come to make a greener world for our kids together.

About Us 香港研發

KiLax Limited 

Hong Kong growth technology Optiki is known for its unique mobile access system. Delivering excellent user experience, great mobility and sustainable for the future. Smartphone enabled security system leverages superior dynamic encryption and optical transmission to create one of the best security solutions.


Home crafts system and products can be easily applied to electric locking devices in door entrances, mailboxes, lockers, pedestals, jewel boxes and more.


We help an office ,co-working place, party room, apartment, whole building to deploy new and uprate access control with mobile device. Find a suitable system to meet your needs by our professional team.


We provide custom made access control solution for clients. Including hardware development and software integration.


We are looking for Reseller and Sales agents in all regions.