OPTIKI DUO (+ RFID Card uni-body reader)

  • DUO system is compatible to work with OPTIKI and typical RFID card, inlc. NFC business card
  • Install with DHUB controller and comprehensive access control with mobile key options
  • Standard mounting plate for easy conversion and installation


  • DUO 系統兼容 OPTIKI 和 RFID 卡. 包括 NFC電子名片
  • 安裝 DHUB 控制器和手機鑰匙綜合控制
  • 標準制面設計,便於安裝




A ready to go DIY possible, each single lock embeded with OPTIKI reader unibody.  Suitable for individual drawer, locker and pedestal installation. OPTIKI.LOC is compatible with KiLax DHub centralised controller, ideal for comprehensive integration will cloud based Smartlocker and premises access control applications.


一款為隨時可DIY 安裝設計電鎖,鎖體已內嵌入 OPTIKI 讀碼器。 適用於獨立抽屜、儲物櫃和基座櫃安裝使用。 OPTIKI.LOC 更能夠與 KiLax DHub 中央控制器系統兼容,可全面與雲端伺服器配合,更適合Smartlocker 和場所控制系統整合使用。

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