Ready to rock conversion - Touch me no more!

Mobile Access with Dynamic QR & Pincode

Optiki DUO (with RFID Card uni-body reader)

Optiki Prime App Series 2021 (Early Bird Offer - available! )

Optiki Check-in Class Manager

Crowd funding - Getting Ready Yeah!

Optiki Mobile Access Locker

World first Co-work space + All Mobile access business platform

Multiple Co-working Spaces Platform

In-app membership subscription, powerful facilities booking system, event registration, resources purchase, individual & target group chat room

Mobile access to Lockers, Meeting Rooms and Office Doors

Conversion kit available 2nd Qtr 2018

Super easy DIY kit makes mobile access to your door steps 

Virtual Key & in-app facilities booking, New World Tower /Central

Optiki facilities management

Herman Miller locker powered by Optiki

Complete mobile key solution in office system

Ultimate Window Shop (UWS)  Display Satellite

Mobile SmartID

SmartID App integrated with Mobile keys

Car Park mobile sharing

Co-sharing Carpark Access, Improve Resource Utilisation