Optical encryption is  reliable and high secure over other mobile virtual keys.   
Unique mobile screen color codes breakthrough system cross platforms application. 

Manage premises access anywhere and anytime.   

Expandable location and system without boundary. 

 NO : Lost keys, Forgotten passcode, Unlawful duplication.  

Compliable options: dynamic QR code, Passcode or RFID Card

CO-Working Place

  • Member Tiers for hot desk, day-pass, annual, etc,
  • Auto mobile key access upon member subscription
  • Flexi-Mobile access to facilities & resource, 
  • Events & webinars  
  • Notifications and promotion 
  • In-app payment
  • All keyless access plus Optiki Locker & Pedestal

Commercial office

  • Efficient mobile access control & monitoring
  • Simple upgrade for traditional keypad or RFID Card
  • No forgotten passcode & missing card
  • Ideal for part time and high staff rotation
  • Clear access log and user key identification
  • All keyless access plus Optiki locker, Mailbox
  • Manage service room and back offices access.


  • API for new and pre-exists mobile app integration
  • Enhance mobile app traffic and better community communication
  • Clubhouse access & monitor usage
  • All keyless premise plus Optiki mailbox.