Green Digits 綠色數位化

Digitalise key system reduce traditional paper-based processes, such as housekeeping and distributing physical access cards or keys. By using digitalise mobile system, users can use their smartphones or other mobile devices to enter buildings and access secure areas, eliminating the need for physical cards or keys. This can reduce the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing and delivering of keys, as well as the waste generated by replacing lost or expired cards. Additionally, mobile access systems can improve energy efficiency by enabling more precise control of building systems such as lighting and HVAC, reducing unnecessary energy consumption. 

Come to make the world green for our kids together.


數位化門禁系統減少紙張流程,例如處存管理和分發物理門禁卡或鑰匙。 通過使用數位化系統,用戶可以使用他們的智能手機或其他移動設備進入建築物並到訪安全區域,而無需實體卡或鑰匙。 這可以減少與製造和交付鑰匙相關的碳足跡,以及因更換丟失或過期的卡而產生的廢物。 此外,可擴張性系統可以通過更精確地控制照明和空調等建築系統來提高能源效率,從而減少不必要的能源消耗。


Made in Hong Kong 香港研發

KiLax Limited 

A tech innovation company founded in 2016 and completed HKSTP incubation programme in 2020. The vision of the team is to provide reliable and efficient solutions for data and information security through innovative technology. KiLax provides up-to-date solutions for various industries and fields.


The team is dedicated to applying advance technologies to deal with problems and making breakthroughs. Our goal is to become the world's leading provider in technology solutions, providing customers with the best quality products and services.


In addition, Kilax Optiki team pays attention to social environmental  issues, and contribute to society through sustainable provisions. We continue to strive to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable products and services to contribute to the world.


一家成立於2016年,並於2020年完成香港科技園孵化計劃的科技創新公司。KiLax 團隊的願景是通過創新技術,為數據和信息的安全提供更可靠和高效的解決方案。他們希望相關技術,為各種行業和領域提供高度安全的數據解決方案。




此外,Kilax Optiki團隊還關注社會環境問題,希望通過可持續的方式來創造價值,為社會做出貢獻。因此,我們將繼續努力開發更多可持續性的產品和技術,為未來的世界做出貢獻。


Owners and operators of office ,co-working place, party room and apartment building who are looking for system solution to reduce operation expenses and carbon footprints


Ready made and custom made solution for clients. Including hardware development and software integration.


Includes system developer, integrator,  industrial reseller and sales agents are welcomed from all regions.