New Optiki 2021 (free Optiki Prime app) Earlybird 50% OFF!

First batch new Optiki 2021 version reader will be shipped in Aug 2020.  First 50 customers 50% off price!

New Optiki Prime app gives you powerful mobile key management for Master and Guest Key sharing.  Superb manage Guest visits on the go. 

Optiki 2021 system has best ever performance, specially made for new Optiki Prime app.   No matter it is for your office door, locker or pedestal at home.  Everyone enjoy mobile access.  Don't forget* No data network connection is needed in all Optiki Reader. 

Price is not including installation. Standard black base mount is included. Optional Aluminium square base plate is for covering socket base installation. Note no base mounting screw is included.
HK$2,244.00 2


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