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Superior system upgrade.  30% off the price!

High compatibility Optiki ONE, with excellent performance to the earlier version. It is preset to work with OPTIKI PRIME app. The best choice for office less than 5 users.  Everyone enjoy mobile access.  Don't forget* No data network connection required.  

Price is not including installation. Standard black base mount is included. Optional Aluminium square base plate is for covering socket base installation. Note no base mounting screw is included.
HK$1,680.00 2


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DUO is designed to work with Mobile access OPTIKI and typical RFID key card.  It is ideal for both new built or upgrading existing key card or passcode access control system.   Advanced admin portal is easy to use for general to specific access by booking.  


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OPTIKI LOC for locker and pedestal

Price include supply of OPTIKI LOC unit, it comes with built in OPTIKI reader system for mobile key access.     It works as a standalone unit with OPTIKI PRIME app.  Ideal for DIY installation in locker, drawing or pedestal.    Please contact us for centralised control and other access key options.   (Excludes installation)


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