• Central cloud based Admin portal
  • Ready Made & Customized App System 
  • Flexible Membership Plan with access control
  • No more face to face 
  • In app subscription and payment
  • Facilities booking with mobile access
  • In app notification and promotion
  • One mobile for Multiple centres
  • In app event posting and sign up
  • User log and entrance records


Cloud based mobile access system

  • Future Proof 
  • Easy scale up
  • Universal e-lock installation
  • Powerful management
  • Real Time Device Status
  • Access Log with Report Output
  • Assign & Revoke Access at will 
  • Time Controlled Access
  • Compatible with RFID card & QR Code








Flexi standalone system

Optiki ONE is an entry level product for anyone new to mobile access.  It is crafted for daily use and suitable for most SME; easy access control in private office, co-workspace or for a landlord to have multiple location access management. 

Simple conversion from existing keypad or ID Card system is easy and superfast. Smarter in 15 minutes! 

  • Master and Guest access control all at a fingertip.    
  • Key sharing and distributed using QR code in Optiki Prime
  • Guest key with validity time control and restricted for sharing
  • Lightning fast APP activation for mobile access
  • Upgradable to work with OPTIKI.DHUB


  • QR code access to restroom in shopping arcade and offices complex
  • Tenants and guests access
  • Generate QR code from web portal 
  • Flexible QR code validity: Dynamic, Monthly, Weekly, Hourly 
  1. Dynamic code: Renew  every 15 sec  
  2. Monthly code: Valid for a month
  3. Weekly code:   Valid for week 
  4. Hourly code: Valid for an hour
  • Simply installation
  • API integration available
  • Convenient cloud multi sites control