Guest & Co-worker Mail and Storage

  • Automatic key management
  • Unmanned control
  • Standard and customised solutions

24/7 Hair Saloon for Hair Stylists

  • Co-work hair saloon, work station management. 
  • In app reservation with automatic access key control. 
  • Occupancy, facilities sage and clear payment. records. 



  • On demand access control with booking system
  • Booking through website and mobile app
  • User key valid only during booking period
  • Optimized resource usage
  • Increased Security
  • Flexibility 
  • Cost savings
  • Improved user expereince
  •  Data-driven decision making
  • Reduced administrative workload
  • Scalability




  • Central cloud based Admin portal
  • Ready Made & Customized App System 
  • Flexible Membership Plan with access control
  • No more face to face 
  • In app subscription and payment
  • Facilities booking with mobile access
  • In app notification and promotion
  • One mobile for Multiple centres
  • In app event posting and sign up
  • User log and entrance records


Cloud based mobile access system

  • Future Proof 
  • Easy scale up
  • Universal e-lock installation
  • Powerful management
  • Real Time Device Status
  • Access Log with Report Output
  • Assign & Revoke Access at will 
  • Time Controlled Access
  • Compatible with RFID card & QR Code








Free flexible standalone app for efficient access.


OPTIKI.PRIME with OPTIKI ONE is an entry level product for mobile access.  It is crafted for daily use and suitable for commercial venues; easy access control in offices, co-workspace or for landlord having multiple location access management. 

Simple upgrade from existing keypad or ID Card system is super fast. Smarter in 15 minutes! 

  • Master and Guest access control all at a fingertip.    
  • Key sharing and distributed using OPRIKI.Prime
  • Guest key with designated period and restricted from sharing
  • Lightning fast APP activation for mobile access
  • Upgradable to work with OPTIKI.DHUB for comprehensive enterprise access control


  • QR code access for better general and public visit to restroom in shopping arcade and offices complex
  • Tenants and guests access
  • Generate QR code from web portal 
  • Flexible QR code validity: Dynamic, Monthly, Weekly, Hourly 
  1. Dynamic code: Renew  every 15 sec  
  2. Monthly code: Valid for a month
  3. Weekly code:   Valid for week 
  4. Hourly code: Valid for an hour
  • Simply installation
  • Convenient cloud multi sites control
  • API integration available