Hong Kong home growth technology
Mobile Optical encryption key
Screen color key breakthrough system cross platforms limitation.
Easy manage anywhere and anytime
Expandable, no location boundary
NO : Lost keys, Forgotten passcode, Unlawful duplication
Compliable options: Dynamic QR code, Passcode or RFID Card





CO-Working Place

  • Member Tiers manage hot desk, day-pass, annual, etc,
  • Auto mobile key access upon member subscription
  • Flexi-Mobile access to facilities & resource, 
  • Events & webinars  
  • Notifications and promotion 
  • In-app payment
  • All keyless access plus Optiki Locker & Pedestal

Commercial office

  • Efficient mobile access control & monitoring
  • Simple upgrade for traditional keypad or RFID Card
  • No forgotten passcode & missing card
  • Ideal for part time and high staff rotation
  • Clear access log and user key identification
  • All keyless access plus Optiki locker, Mailbox
  • Manage service room and back offices access.

Residential Estate

  • API for new and pre-exists mobile app integration
  • Enhance mobile app traffic and better community communication
  • Clubhouse access & monitor usage
  • All keyless premise plus Optiki mailbox.